About Us

Welcome to the profound world of North and South Clearing Services. We take pride in introducing ourselves as a leading Customs Clearing Forwarding Company from Namibia. The company is widely famous for its unequaled transportation, inspection and customs clearing services. In today’s dynamic & rapidly growing world, North and South Clearing Services offers world class customs clearance and transport for its wide spread clients.

Established in the year of 2008, North and South Clearing Services has been creating value for clients by rendering unparalleled services.

Message from Management

Our mission is to offer you the greatest possible assistance in importing and exporting that save you both valuable time and money. "What is the status of my shipment?" is the question that is constantly asked by importers and exporters. For that reason, we have reinvested in our company to give our representatives access to the technology which enables them to track and clear your shipments as quickly as possible while in transit. There is nothing that we cannot do as an international service company.